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Franking machines – the other Business Inkjet

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Franking machines come in a variety of sizes ranging from small desktop units for franking a few pieces of mail each day to large, industrial-strength machines that can frank thousands of pieces of mail each hour. Meanwhile most desktop devices as well as certain high volume machines are based on inkjet print engines. 

Machines are basically categorized by the volume of mail they frank:


- High-volume: more than 2.000 pieces per day

- Mid-volume: 200 to 2.000 pieces per day

- Low-volume: under 200 pieces per day


Inks used to frank mail must be specially formulated to meet specific country mail providers requirements. The inks must be blue or a certain Pantone, or red and fluoresce when exposed to a certain frequency of light so the mail piece can be processed using high-speed sorting equipment. Franking inks are also formulated to meet the demands of different devices. Low-volume postage machines, for example, can go long periods without printing, so they employ ink with more humectants to keep the nozzles in the print heads from being clogged by dried inks. Higher-speed machines may require inks with faster drying times. 


There is a real aftermarket nowadays for high quality franking cartridges. OCP meanwhile has a broad range of inks for franking machines. Some of the major remanufacturers of franking cartridges work with OCP inks. 

Please contact us if you are interested in OCP inks or high quality finished franking cartridges, we will be happy to help you source them. 


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