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Newsletter 05-35-08

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Canon runs big late summer campaign – new printers, multifunction devices and cartridges


Canon runs big late summer campaign – new printers, multifunction devices and cartridges

Traditionally, Canon every year in late summer introduces a series of new printers and multifunction devices to the market and with that renews a part of the product range.

With the Canon Pixma iP3600 (about 79,00 €) and iP4600 (about 99,00 €) Canon now presents the follow- ups to the successful iP3500 and iP4500 models. The performance of both devices, compared to the previous models more or less nothing changed. The only thing that is significantly is the text print speed of 31 pages per minute in the old models has slowed down to 26 pages per minute in the new ones. That is the result of using less numbers of nozzles for the text printing. While the older models still had 512 nozzles, the new print head has to get along with 320. Both models will be available worldwide in stores from September on.

The major and greatest innovations are the single tanks which are used in these devices. These are, as the PGI-5 and CLI-8 cartridges, equipped with a chip.

Information about the way of encryption at this stage is still unavailable. The new PGI- 520BK or CLI-521C/M/Y tanks are a little smaller than their predecessors. Therefore the cartridges with an ERA of 12 € and 11 € are a bit cheaper than the PGI-5 and CLI-8. Interesting about this is that due to a 20% lower page yield the average page price is expected to rise - at new cartridges in recent times a more frequently observed phenomenon. Further it seems to be that Canon goes similar paths as it HP shows us with the regionalization of its cartridges since some time. In the U.S., the new Canon cartridges are offered under the names PGI-220 and CLI-221.

In the popular market segment of multifunction devices, Canon directly introduces 8 new devices. The Pixma MP190 (about 59,00 €), MP260 (about 79,00 €), MP480 (about 89,00 €), MP540 (about 99,00 €), MP620 (about 149,00 €), MP630 (about 179,00 €) and MP980 (about 299,00 €) resolve all the corresponding previous models. In terms of offered services they differ not significantly, only the design and cartridges - here PGI 520BK or CLI-521C/M/Y tanks - are new.

With the other new model Pixma MP240 Canon is - in contrast to the other models – running another path. As the previous MP220 it will use print head cartridges. These are also having new titles; the standard-capacity cartridges are called PG-510 (pigment black) and CL-511 (3-colour dye ink). There are also the high-capacity versions PG-512 and CL-513. Also here there will be different regional names. In the U.S., these cartridges are listed with the name PG-210/PG-210XL and CL-211/CL-211XL on the Canon website. Information about other names in other regions, are currently not available. All multifunction devices should be introduced to the marketplace in October.

Despite of the outstanding rollout, the cartridges and printers are already ordered, so that our R & D department immediately can start the development of equivalent OCP inks for this cartridges.

Your OCP Sales Team!

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