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OCP inks for Epson L800 available – first OEM photo printer with CISS (Continous Ink Supply System)

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After finishing the development, OCP´s Research & Development department released new inks for Epson L800.

With the L800 Photo Printer Epson developed an alternative system to the previously used CISS’s which could be installed in most of the common Epson printers.

The Epson L800 printer has an integrated ink tank system in order to provide a continuous ink flow during long print jobs. The counterpart or basis of the L800 is the Epson 6-colour T50/P50 printer - who provides an enlarged colour gamut for photo printing applications.

Every 70ml bottle of the OEM ink comes with a 13-digit code which shall ensure its authenticity. Before the customer can start printing he has to fill the tanks with ink and type the code into the printer menu. Retail pricing for each bottle is designated with US$ 10.90 = approx. 155.71 US$/kg.

The OCP inks for Epson L800 are:

Epson-Printer Colour OCP Ink




Black BK 155
Cyan C 155
Magenta M 155
Yellow  Y 155
Photo Cyan  CL 156
Photo Magenta CL 156

The above listed inks are also suitable for the Epson L100, L200 series printers, which are only equipped with 4-colours (BK 155, C 155, M 155, Y 155).

L100 and L200 represents Epson’s low price segment and the corresponding ink bottles are sold for US$ 5,50 each bottle.

All models can be found especially in markets where CISS business is etablished well. Up to our information Epson released these printers in Argentina, China, India, Indonesia and Russia.

In China the L800 printer has been released under the name L801.

Samples are - as always - available in 0,25kg packaging. For individual samples and quantities please inform us about your detailed demand.

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