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OCP invited all worldwide distributors for the „OCP Convention 2012“

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OCP invited all worldwide distributors for the „OCP Convention 2012“

This year´s OCP Convention took place in Essen, Germany, from 26th November through 28th November. Almost all partners out of OCP´s exclusive worldwide distribution network followed the invitation and took part at this very informative and successful three days event.

Horst-Gerh. Edelmeier, General Manager of OCP, welcomed all attendees and gave a presentation which indicated the motto of the convention

“OCP Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

A lot more interesting presentations have been given by the participating distributors, various experts of the industry and OCP itself. Especially the industry experts, which have been specially invited made this event a very interesting, informative and successful one.

Participating guest speakers as Jens Rogge, Manager of “JERO Productions”, Dave Gilbert, Manager and founder of the UK-based company “thINKtank”, Nick Jones and Keith Malone from raw material supplier “Cabot Corp.” and Eugen Harazim, patent lawyer of “Artech” gave very interesting papers and presentations followed by discussions among the participants.

Horst-Gerh. Edelmeier commented: “Many, many thanks to all our partners and of course to all guest speakers who came to join us and to supply these fantastic presentations”.

Furthermore the event was not only about technical papers and presentations, but also about discussing the current status of the aftermarket industry and the future of inkjet. These great and helpful discussions have been held during the days and even while having dinner and an evening beer together.

After two days of presentations, the third day was a sightseeing day to visit OCP´s new headquarters in Bochum as well as visiting OCP´s R&D department and production in Lage/Lippe.

“These three days gave us a fantastic positive feedback and the “OCP Convention 2012” has been a great success as all partners are already looking forward to future meetings as it has been very helpful for them to get specific information from the industry experts and of course from discussions with all other partners of OCP´s worldwide distribution network”, Dirk Hünselar, Sales Manager of OCP, commented.

To go in contact with OCP or if you want to get access to the EWEKO webshop, which is now implemented into the new styled OCP website, please visit www.ocp.de

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