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Paperworld was a great success for OCP

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Carsten EdelmeierAnd sales manager Carsten won the rising star award

We want to thank all customers and suppliers, as well as all other people and companies who came and visited us in Frankfurt over the past 4 days at Paperworld.

In terms of free beer we gave away, it was fantastic. You almost drank us dry. In terms of talks and visits, it was spectacular as we had so much good feedback and talks over these days which was not expected.


The biggest honor was to our sales manager Carsten, who won the rising star of the year award. Over 27.000 votes came in from the industry for the various categories.

Nominated in the same category with Zoltan from Uninet and Sophie from SCC e.g., it is very much appreciated that at least one more voted came in for Carsten.

Thanks to all who voted for OCP and Hasan in the other categories and a special thanks from Carsten to those who voted for him!

We are all looking forward seeing you next year again in Frankfurt